My name is Marion Höld (before Bayr),

and I’m the artist behind Marion´s Reborn Design. I am mother of two great daughters, we live in Germany, in “Bavaria”.

My preference therefore began with my first beloved doll - “Ursula”.

No one is more beautiful for me, and for nothing on earth I would give her away!

I was always interested in designing, starting before 25 years with little wool dolls, Glorex trikot dolls and Glorfix dolls.

My first newborn baby I created 10 years before with a Kreadoll Artist. From this time on I still can´t stop creating realistic babydolls.

In the year 2004 I’ve seen my first reborn doll on ebay, and I couldn´t believe that a vinyl doll looks so realistic.

So I started reborning and I learned much about different technics. To refine my technics I visited two reborn courses and a special effect course.



The hobby “Reborning” is fascinating me up till now.

Again and again it makes me happy to transforme a colourless doll kit in a astoundingly beautiful sweetheart…

Hugs, Marion